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Lowest Price Assurance on Quality Match

Lowest Price Assurance


We at Buy Apparel assure you that all products listed on our website are at lowest selling prices compared to quality. We Guarantee you that you shop at lowest prices without compromising quality.


How it works?


We are ensuring that you shop best quality products at lowest prices. Our products are priced just right and you won't find lower prices on web but in any case you find the same just send us the details like product name and the competitors product website link. We will go through and if we found both products are same and there are not any manufacturing differences nor in quality then we will provide you the same product at the lower price then the competitve website is selling.


I have already purchased a product and found it at a lower price on web else where. Can i still be assured of lowest product price?


Yes. Our lowest price assurance is also valid for 7 days after purchase. So even if you found the same product at lower price on any other website after your purchase then in that case too just let us know and we will ensure the same. In this case you will be honored with a special discount coupon / Or Reward Points for your next purchase.


Does it applies to every format of selling on web?



Our Price assurance is valid on most selling formats but it is not applicable on formats like Lowest price bids, Price Bids, Chance bids and other such bidding formats. It is applicable only on fixed selling formats, Genuine Sale offers. It is not applicable on defective product sale, second hand product sale as all our products are genuine and fresh.


How is Price Comparison Done?


Price Comparison is Done by BuyApparel team. We just do not compare price. We do quality as well. Its an overall comparison done by our experts and we may detail you the same after comparing.

For all our International Customers (Payments made from outside India) payments accepted is in US Dollars and other currency shown are just for reference. Our Indian Customers payments is accepted via Cash on Delivery or Online payments or Bank Transfer in INR. Hence Price conversion is done in relative INR or USD. In case prices in both INR and USD are given then prices in USD will be preferred. Also In case the competitor website is not showing prices in USD and prices are shown in other currency like Euro/Pound then in that case price comparison can be done in relative conversion rates as applicable on selling date in case the purchase has already been done and for inquiries the date on which inquiry has been done.


Have Queries?


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